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Our house is an excellent starting point for you ski holiday. The ski resort, Le Domain du Tourmalet, is the largest resort in the French Pyrenees. At 150 meters you will find free ski bus, which will bring you to the ski resort at 5 to 10 minutes from the chalet (3 km). In this site we give you a full description of the resort, from the starting point of Barèges.

The ski resort is between 1400 and 2500 meters high, and has 100 km slopes with 43 chairlifts. Recently modernized, the area has more than 170 snow makers, and many detachable 6 person chairlifts which means that even at high season you do not have to wait at the central chairlifts.

The resort is very well suited for both beginners and the expert skiers. For beginners La Laquete is an excellent area with wide slopes. But also in the rest of the resort there are many blue pistes that are doable after a few days practice. If the practicing goes well at the end of the week you can take the eggs at La Mongie to a fantastic scenery. The pistes there are blue, but slightly more difficult than average. There are many red pistes for the experienced skier in the resort. The red pistes are generally more difficult than in Austria. The Coume Longe is a red piste that takes you off a very steep slope, than in to an easy to do long and quite piste. The Coume Layse is a fantastic black piste, a little easier than the other black pistes in the area, but varied and takes you off three steep runs and unprepared slopes, descending over 800 meters to Super Barèges. Please note that in France you have 4 levels of pistes, starting with green, than blue, red and black. Compared to Austria, the blue runs are more like Austrian reds, the reds like Austrian blacks, and the blacks, well, eh, steep!

If you are in to off piste skiing, there is a lot to do in the area, but you are dependent on the conditions (enough snow and no avalanche danger). If you do not know the area very well it is recommended to take a ski teacher or guide with you. Under good conditions you can take the lift to Pic du Midi and exit at the first station (or take two chairs) and take a near vertical slope on the left of the chairlift (looking down). After the wall, you will go through mountain area for several kilometers, bringing you far below La Mongie. A bus will take you back to La Mongie. An other interesting ride is to take the eggs and the chairlift behind it. Then climb to a high cliff and pass through it, to ski down on the other side all the way to Tournaboup at 1400 meters. Recently also the lift to Pic du Midi has been opened in the winter. Even if you are not in to off piste skiing, this is recommended, as from 2877 meter you have a splendid view over the mountains and deep in to France, where you can almost see Toulouse at good conditions. From there you can ski with a guide to various directions, such as Super Barèges at 1700 meter. You can find more information on the guides and pictures of these slopes here.

You can rent ski's, snowboards and take lessons in one of the two ski schools. We always go to Bruno at Intercity at the end of the village, as he is very well equipped, professional and friendly.


Skiing at La Laquette.