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Description of Grand Tourmalet Ski Resort per area

Also known as Barèges - La Mongie

The Tourmalet ski resort has 8 interconnected ski areas. You can find the areas below, with a description and photo's of each of the areas. You can also go to the map of the ski resort, and click on the area in the map, to find the description. The description will show the names and numbers of the skilifts. The numbers refer to the numbers on www.tourmalet.fr

Starting in Barèges (Tournaboup), you can either go to the right to La Laquette and Le Lienz, or take the fast 6 person chairlift on your left. From there you can descent to Super Barèges. From Super Barèges you can take an other 6 person chair lift to Tourmalet, which is roughly the middle of the the area. On the other side you will find the La Mongie ski area. Also in La Mongie there is a fast 6 person chairlift to bring you back to Tourmalet. From their you can ski back to Tournaboup without the need to take other lifts. As the main connections are all 6 person chairlifts, there are hardly any waiting times left.


This is the large parking lot above Barèges where the skiing starts for people staying in Barèges. You can come either by car, or by the ski bus. From here you can take the 4 person chairlift Tournaboup (41) to La Laquette or the fast 6 person chairlift (28) to Caoubere, from which you can go onwards to Super Barèges and La Mongie. If the road has not been blocked because of heavy snowfall or danger of avalanches, you can also continue on the road to Super Barèges. Read more...

La Laquette

At Tournaboup you can take the 4 person chairlift on the right to go to La Laquete. It is a nice area to practice on some easy blue slopes, and it has in addition some good red slopes in an open area near the forest. Because of the trees at the edge of this area, this is the place to be when visibility is low, for example when it snows. This is also the best beginners place. In groups you can't loose each other when some take the red and others the blue pistes. Read more..

Le Lienz

The Lienz ski area is the lowest of the resort. If it is too warm, the area remains closed. There are discussions on extending the snow canons to this area to have it available more often. There is one of the nicest restaurants and some good red and black piste. You get there on a blue run. Read more..


Caoubere is the mountain between Tournaboup and Super Barèges. It has a connecting blue run to Super Barèges, two red runs and an off piste trail. In Super Barèges there are several ski slopes, and the fast 6 person chairlift to Tourmalet, connecting you to La Mongie. Read more...

Super Barèges

In Super Barèges there are several ski slopes, and the fast 6 person chairlift to Tourmalet, connecting you to La Mongie. Most people use the 6 person chairlift from Tournaboup and descent to Super Barèges, but you can also go by car. Read more...


Tourmalet is the col between Barèges and La Mongie at the end of the 6 person chairlift Tourmalet (33). You can also reach this place from La Mongie, using Espade (19). In the summer this is the most feared col in the Tour de France bicycle race. From here you can ski back to Barèges, or onward to La Mongie. An other way to cross the call is to pass the Restaurant Tourmalet. You need to walk up a hill the last bit, but the Restaurant and view are worth it. Read more..

Coume l'Ayse en Coume Lounque

The double drag lift Coume Lounque brings you to a point with a magnificent view in the direction of Tarbes on the one hand, and Super Barèges on the other hand. There are two red runs and a splendid black run from here. The red run starting parallel to the drag lift (on either side) is the easiest one. Coming of the drag lift on your right is a very nice red, named Coume (or Coume Lounque). Read more...

La Mongie

La Mongie is a modern resort at the foot of the slopes, in contrast to Barèges, which is a traditional Pyrenean village.

The resort has many varied slopes and is easy to reach from Barèges. It has some of the steepest black runs, very nice broad blue slopes and the high mountain moon-like Quattre Termes blue run. Read more...