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Background of the property.

The farm is build in 1890. In Barèges the farm is known under the name of "Petit Barzun", called after the "Thermes de Barzun", which is below the hill.

The part that is now in use as the living room, and the room above it (no longer used), a farming family with 5 children lived. The kitchen and bedrooms were in use to house the sheep. In 1947 the farm was bought by a family from Bordeaux (mr Petit, hence the name), and used as holiday home. This family renovated the stable to become kitchen, bedrooms and sleeping attic. In 1990 the current owner bought the chalet from the son of the French family. After doing some initial renovations including new central heating, and a new bathroom, the chalet was completely renovated to its current state in 2003, providing better isolation, floor heating, a modern kitchen, the large terrace and 2 separate bedrooms on the first floor.