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  • Both active and calm holidays
  • Close to the Parc National des Pyrénées, one of the most beatiful parks, with the Isard, the Marmot and other animals. There are many hiking trails. From the nearby Gavernie you can walk to Spain.
  • You can book activities for rafting, canyoning, paragliding and mountain climbing.
  • You can visit the nearby zoo with Pyrenean animals
  • In Lourdes you can find a large aquarium with most European fish, or if you prefer, you can go fishing in the mountain rivers to catch some yourself
  • Off course you can visit the nearby Lourdes for a pilgrimage, or you can just view the how this is done and be one of the four million annual visitors of the Lourdes grottes.
  • If you have some experience in bicycling you can ride the famous Tour de France route to the Tourmalet (don't try this in the winter, the road is closed, the Tourmalet is the center of the larges French Pyrenees ski resort). Or, you can rent a mountain bike and try the slopes and paths in the nearby forest of Le Lienz (Stop at Chez Louisette for a drink or a meal).
  • You can go to one of the thermal baths. In winter time, the bath at the village Barèges is open for public, and you can take shower or swim in the pool (natural heated 39 ºC ! by the source) and get healthy at the same time. The rest of the season you can visit a local doctor and get a cure for a variety of diseases at on of the spa's.



Canyoning in Gavernie. You can book this and more at Luz Aventures. At this office you can also book rafting, guides for hiking or winter trails through the high mountains. Luz is at 5 minutes from Barèges.

Luz Aventures. Tel (local) 0562923347. See also  www.luz-aventure.com 

Paragliding. On the slopes of the Tourmalet, you can try a tandem flight, or take a week's course to learn flying yourself. See for more information www.luz.org of www.luz-aventure.com.

In the park there are hiking trails at various levels. You can get help by a guide, or by a book. You can also get books on trails with children.

You can also make short trips without much experience to beautiful places, for example to the Pic du Midi, or to  other places in the area using cable cars.

From the chalet, a trail over the estate takes you through a small forrest to the nearby pancake house at st Justin. From this point you have view over the valley to the direction of Barèges, and to the other side to the direction of Luz st-Sauveur.