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There are 21 red runs in the Tourmalet Ski Resort. Here you will find a description of a selection.

Coume Lounque

The Coume Lounque (also known as "Coume") is our favourite red run. The view from the top is magnificent. You can get here by the double drag lift Coume Lounque (23). This is the most difficult red piste of the resort, where you can't view the whole piste because it is too steep. The steep part is not very long though. At the end, you can race a flat part, going slightly uphill, and from there have an easy run along the mountain ridge.

You will have a good connection to the chairlift Sud (25) and the chairlift Hount Barrade (26). For Hound Barrade keep left at the end. You will return at this same place after doing it.

See also Coume Loungue.


At the top of the drag lift Coume Lounque (23), you can also do an easier red, by turning back and take the run at either side of the drag lift. If you turn right to take the left run, you have to make some speed crossing the drag lift and going up at the other side.

La Piquette en Famose (Le Lienz)

From La Laquette there is a Piquette to Le Lienz. It is hardly red. You will find when descending from Castillion (34). See also La Laquette

In Le Lienz, you can take the double drag lift and turn left at the top. Do not take the run immediately to your left, it is the old black run. Continue on the road and turn left to take the red run, or avoid the first part by taking the road. There are several mogul parts, but the run is not to difficult. However, the drag lift is challenging as it goes very steep. See also: Le Lienz.

Castillon 1 & 2 en Sapins Rouge

Bij deze nieuwe stoeltjeslift kun je twee fijne rode pistes doen: Castillon 1 & 2. De piste links is wat moeilijker. Iets verder naar rechts wordt de afdaling Sapins Rouge aangegeven.

When you take Castillion in La Laquette, you can separate the group, and let part of the group do the blue run to the same lift, and take one of the red runs. On the photo on the left of the chairlift is Castillion 1, which is not very groomed and the more difficult one of the runs here. To the right of the chairlift is Castillion 2, and further to the right (not visibile here) is Sapins Rouge.

Iris en Rhodos (Caoubere)

When you take the 6 person chairlift from Tournaboup, you have two red pistes (Rhodos and Iris).

The drag lift (photo) can take you back to Caoubere, but this drag lift only works in the holidays and weekends. Otherwise you can take the road back to Tournaboup. When coming out of the chairlift you can take Rhodos by going back in the direction of the chairlift and turn right.

Iris is a very nice piste, certainly when you have fresh snow. You will find it by descending the blue piste for about 100 meters and turn left.

See also: Caoubere.


Red pistes coming back from Tourmalet

When you come back from the Tourmalet you have to follow the road leading to a blue piste. From there you can take two red pistes that are on the left side of the valley when viewing down. The pistes are on either side of the drag lift Ourdis (32). Ourdis is behind the drag lift, Cantine is on the right (when looking down).  Cantine is quite steep, and you look a long way down.

Both pistes end on a flat area where they join the blue piste. From there you can continue the red by taking the road on your left, continue on it for a few hundred meters and turn right to the top of a hill where you will find a nice steep run Ourdis (photo left) which ends at the 6 person chairlift of Super Barèges.

See also: Super Barèges.


When you follow the road from Tourmalet to the blue piste, you can turn right just before the large flat area and follow a road to the right of the valley to the SnowPark. It is red because of the potential jumps, but not because the piste is very difficult. At the end of the day the jumps are closed. The park opens in the holiday in February and stays open if there is enough snow.

Pain du Sucre (La Mongie)

De steep drag lift (>55%) Pain de Sucre (12) brings you to a fairly simple red run (photo). There are more drag lifts in this area: Pene Blanque (12), and Sapins (13), leading to some red runs. See also: La Mongie.

Piste bij Du Taoulet or Hount Barrade

Either by taking the cable car from La Mongie to the half way station to Pic du Midi, or by taking the chairlift Hount Barrade (26), which you can find at the end of Coume Lounque or Sud (25). The first part can be difficult if the snow is hard. You can avoid it by taking the  road around it.

At the end of Hount Barrade you can take the reds Rhododendron or Gentianes back to La Mongie.

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