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There are 19 blue pistes in the ski resort. We have described the most interesting ones, assuming you start from Barèges. Once you are comfortable on the blue pistes, you can visit the whole resort, as non of the connecting runs require a higher level than blue. (There are alternatives routes using red or black pistes).

First start

If this is your first start on ski's, you can get a reduced fair ticket and ski on one of the carpets at Tournaboup.

On the photo you see the trail from La Laquette to Tournaboup.


La Laquette

Using the chairlift Tournaboup (41) you can go to La Laquette. When you turn right at the top, you will find a restaurant, and two very easy drag lifts and simple blue runs to practice when you are done with the carpets.

To the left is the blue piste, wide and simple, but nice enough for more experienced skiers. Going down, you can either turn left to the drag lift Clairière (35), go straight through the forest back to Tournaboup, or keep right to go to the chairlift Castillion (34)/

At the top of Castillion you turn right, and then a bit left, following the snow cannons down the same blue piste back to another Castillion run. It is a quite long run, with a good balance between chairlift time and run time. Even when you are a more advanced skier, this is a nice run to practice technique, and certainly the best area to be when there is low visibility.

Le Lienz

From the chairlift Castillon (34), follow the blue piste, until you see the top of the chairlift on your left. Follow the the interesting blue run through the forest. When it is very warm this trail can be a bit challenging for the beginner, you may need to avoid a stone here or there. You can visit the lovely restaurant, with the sunniest and warmest terrace of the resort, Chez Louisette. You will find Louissette behind the teller at lunch time, to take your order.  There are no blue runs for you at Le Lienz. If there is a lot of snow in Barèges you can follow the trail behind the restaurant. Or you can take the chairlift Piquette (26) back to La Laquette.

Blue piste Caoubere

From Tournaboup, the 6 person chairlift Caoubere (28) bring you to Caoubere. From there you can go with a blue run to Super Barèges. The last part is a bit steep for the beginner, but you can go straight on and follow the road in stead. Both end at the same spot near the restaurant Le Bastan.

At Super Barèges you can go through the tunnel to take the road back to Tournaboup. Further more you can take the drag lift Toue (30) that brings you to a bit steeper but very wide blue piste. The drag lift itself moves very fast, so it is not the easiest one to take. You can also take the 6 person chairlift Tourmalet (33) and go to the Tourmalet. From there you can follow the trail and blue pistes back.

La Mongie

From Tourmalet there are multiple options to go down to La Mongie. You take the first piste on your right, (Isards), the first bit is a bit steep for beginners, but after that the piste is OK.  If Isards is to steep for you, you can go straight on (see photo) and follow the road, which will bring you to Dahus, or further to the piste Soleil, which is easy and broad.

At the bottom, you can take the 4 person chairlift and do Soleil again, or the 6 person to do Isards again. To return to Barèges, it is the easiest to take the 6 person chairlift.

If you take the 4 person chairlift, you can go more or less straight on, across the trail of the drag lift and follow the signs Barèges. The last part of the trail is going up, to arrive at the restaurant Col du Tourmalet.

More advanced.

If you feel comfortable on the blue pistes, try the "eggs" to Quatre Thermes. You can do an extra chairlift there, with an easy blue piste. The return back to La Mongie is a bit challenging for a blue piste, but the area has a beautiful scenery that is certainly worth the visit.

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